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How many questions are too many?

The answer is there are never too many questions. This week we received a number of messages asking lots of questions regarding costumes and carnival, and we got to thinking about how many questions we get regarding joining the band, how to order a costume, and so much more. So we looked at how we can answer these questions and still get on with the job of costume making.

As a masquerader, you are within your rights to ask any band you play with questions to make sure that you are satisfied that your needs are being met. Because let's face it if you don't ask questions how are you going to know.

Utopia Mas understands the need to ask questions and that's why we have recently updated our FAQs with the most common questions we get asked every year leading up to carnival. Now we are not saying we have answered everything but we think we have got pretty close. Why have we done this? Well, it's simple you have questions we have answers. It also means that by having somewhere you can get answers straight away rather than you emailing us and waiting for a reply. You can get an instant answer to your question.

Now, if we haven't answered a question in the FAQ section, by all means, email us at and a member of the team will do their best to ensure your query is answered. So as we go back to making costumes, remember it's okay to ask questions because that's what we are here for. Check the FAQ section and don't forget to RSVP to our event and come and see the costumes, bring your family and of course, say hello!

Until next time have a great day

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