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Carnival season is upon us!

Let the carnival games begin!

Hello Everyone, and welcome to our new blog post section. Over the coming months, we will be using our blog to give you an insight into the world of Utopia Mas UK.

Last week we celebrated our 14th Year as Utopia Mas, the time has just flown by and we have enjoyed every minute of it, and we look forward to what the coming years will bring.

Lockdown is over but Covid has not gone, it is just something we have to live with now, and as a band, we didn't know if carnival was ever going to come back. But thankfully it has, but in what form that will take we have no idea, but the main thing it is back. And boy we are glad, we can now get to meet you all. You will get to see your carnival family because let's face it playing carnival with your friends and family is one of the greatest feelings in the world. Two days to be free with not a care in the world, eating food, laughing making memories and so much more.

This year we are working hard on bringing you an even greater experience on the road than we did in 2019, which takes a lot of planning and organising. We are building a great team to make sure not only do you have a great time, but are safe on the road as well.

You may have seen that our children's costumes have now been launched and are readily available on our new website, as well as T-Shirt Packages, so please have a look and book today.

We also know that a lot of you are wanting to know when are the adult costumes being released for booking. They will be released very soon we promise. We know you have seen the adult costumes on Social Media but we have some extras that have not been released yet and we have made a few changes. But don't worry it will be worth the wait. So as another week starts, bringing us closer to Notting Hill Carnival we would like to thank you all for your continued support over the past 14years, from the children who started with us and now as adults continue to play with us, to our newer members and to our future members, we Thank You, for without you there would not be a Utopia Mas UK.

So until our next post, this is Utopia Mas "Putting de class back into mas" for 2022 and beyond.

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